Sally Armstrong
Sally was born and raised in California; she has lived in Orland, Sacramento, Oakland, and Paradise. She attended the College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland and has a BA in Fine Arts from Sacramento College. Sally has worked as a nurse for thirty years and is now very grateful to have more time for art. The subjects she draws or paints have special meaning for her and she tries to show how wonderful, how colorful, how important they are. Sally feels that the world is full of inspiration. She has been able to see and photograph mountain lions, bears, badgers, wolves, foxes, tigers, and snow leopards, all of which she considers amazing and wonderful. Sally currently works primarily with scratchboard.


Christie Beebe
From a young age, Christie Beebe has been interested in art.·She began taking art classes in seventh grade, which was the beginning of her love of creating colorful art. Christie was a Fine Arts Major at Southern Utah University, and holds Associates Degrees in Graphic Design and Art Education. She has studied many different art mediums, including pottery, ceramics, oil, acrylics, watercolors, sculpture, pencil, pastels and printmaking. Christie has shown in several different galleries, and has won awards in printmaking and sculpture. Recently, she has taught drawing, linoleum block printing, oils and acrylic painting. She loves color and likes to communicate her art feelings in a more abstract fashion.


Cathy Hales
Cathy fell in love with watercolor painting while taking art classes in middle school. While completing her degree at San Jose State, an Art for Children class renewed her interest in art, but she was not able to pursue it at the time. After retiring, Cathy finally was able to engage her interest in watercolor by studying under several excellent teachers. She has studied under Flo Barnet, the founder of Paradise Art Center; Robbie Laird, a signature member of the American Watercolor Association; and Valery Payne, a teacher and professional artist, who taught art to teachers in Chico. In addition to those teachers, Cathy has had lessons from teachers at our own art center: Evonne Cramer and Sylvia Sisley-Smejkal (watercolor) Vera Rodgers (colored pencil) Christie Beebe (drawing) and Jan Walker (Chinese Brush Painting). ·Over the last ten years she has developed an interest ·in many different media, most recently working with alcohol inks, but watercolor is her passion.


Cathryn Hudin
Cathryn has been a professional artist and college educator for over forty years and a teacher at Paradise Art Center for over thirty-five years. Her artistic career began while she was still in college. After taking her first ceramics class the “clay bug” bit, and clay has been part of her life ever since. Cathryn began teaching in 1975 at Butte Community College and in1980 at Paradise Art Center. She teaches all levels of ceramics and enjoys showing her students the wonderful transformational nature of clay. She was a Butte County Artist-in-Schools for eleven years, working with hundreds of children from K-12. She loves to see children experience the joys of making their own piece of art work. From 1969 to the present Cathryn has exhibited, sold, and created thousands of clay pieces. She has traveled to many states to show her work at prestigious venues. Her work is in museums and private collections and has been widely exhibited in galleries and at art shows throughout the United States. She has three instructional videos on YouTube, has written a book on glaze making, and is published in many books about ceramics, including the prestigious “500” series. Cathryn has taught thousands of studnts; many have continued their education at four year colleges and art institutes and some have become full-time professional artists. Cathryn continues to create tile wall pieces and functional pottery for both private and public venues. She feels it is very important to keep the arts alive and active in the community and enjoys expanding art awareness using as many avenues as possible. As she says, “my longest relationship is with art, it has always been there.”


Edward Kicking Horse
Edward Kicking Horse Buie is of French and Lakota (Sioux) heritage. He was born in St, Paul, Minnesota in 1937 and graduated from California State University, Chico with a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology and an Interdisciplinary Masters Degree in Anthropology and Art. He was a Professor of Anthropology at Butte Community College. He is currently working as a cultural consultant at Four Winds Indian Charter School in Chico. He studied intaglio printmaking under Patricia Babcock. He has been, and still is, a traditional Pow-Wow dancer for many moon-disks. He is currently writing an American Indian historical fiction novel that takes place in the 1830’s.


Kathy Presentati
In all the stages of her life, art has provided Kathy with both joy and solace as well as freedom and obligation. Kathy has a degree in Liberal Arts but considers herself a self-taught artist. Before retirement she was the Administrative Secretary for the Paradise Unified School District Special Services Department. She has served as both board member and President of·the Butte Community College Board of Trustees. Since moving to Butte County in 1973, she and her husband have lived in Oroville, Chico, Paradise and, currently, Magalia. Kathy’s early artistic interest was in realism which she explored with both oil and acrylic. With the passing years and eventual retirement, she found myself wanting to experience the medium of watercolor and develop more freedom in my artistic expression. For six years she received instruction from former local artist Evonne Cramer and with her guidance and input from other teachers, fellow students and personal study, she has been able to begin to explore the endless possibilities of watercolor. In her watercolor classes, Kathy’s goal is to provide instruction in techniques rather than to teach a particular 'style.'·She encourages students to explore their own self-expression while receiving·instruction in color mixing, the various methods of applying paint to paper, creating strong compositions and understanding the basic tools of the watercolor medium. In the past few years Kathy’s work has been displayed in many local gallery shows and venues, including·the Sacramento Fine Arts Center's January 2016 show and the Chico Art Center’s 2016 Contemporary Woman Show.


Cindy Price
Cindy Price, a longtime member of the Paradise Art Center, has resided in Chico for fifty-three years. She loved art in school and did many art projects at home, taking art classes in high school and college. After a work injury in 1994, art became Cindy's rehabilitation to reclaim the use of her right arm. She started art classes with Flo Barnett, Sylvia Smejkal, Ann Pierce, Valerie Payne and others at Paradise Art Center. Now she paints when she can and she says the subjects usually choose her medium, be it watercolor, acrylic, collage or all. Cindy is known for her free and loose style, strong colors and great composition.


Caryl Quinones
Caryl was an art history major in college, which began her love of art, but she did not start painting until the 1990s, in a watercolor class at Chico State with Jerril Dean Kopp. ·A few years after that she and her husband took a Butte watercolor class from Julie Shaw that was held in Paradise. There they met a number of Paradise Art Center members who invited them to visit the center. They felt very welcomed and have been members ever since.·Caryl has studied painting with Julie Shaw, Jerril Dean Kopp, Flo Barnett, Sylvia Smejkal and Diane Moore. She feels that her ability as a painter has grown tremendously through the classes she has taken at the art center and the people she paints with. Caryl painted gentle watercolors for many years.·Recently, through painting in acrylics, she has found a “wilder” side to her painting and is enjoying bright colors, abstracted subjects and even some non-objective abstract.·Often she uses photographs she has taken as inspiration for her paintings. As she paints she experiences a conversation between her subject and her heart.·She hopes that people who view her art will also have such a conversation.·It is the process—the journey—of painting that is important to her, more so than the painting itself, or whatever the end product might be.


Barbara Anne Ramsey
Barbara Anne Ramsey is an artist who lives the life she creates in her art. Born in Susanville, California, she spent her formative years growing up in the ranching country of Northern California in the small town of Adin. During her early teenage years, Her family moved to Paradise, where the rest of her family has resided since 1932. Barbara had work published in the Best Of Colored Pencil II (1993). Her most recent awards include the Heritage Roundup Award at the Annual Western Art Roundup in Winnemucca, Nevada (2007); Second place in painting at the Red Bluff Bull & Gelding Sale (2013); the Third Annual Western Art Show (2013); and first place in colored pencil at the Draft Horse Classic Art Show in Grass Valley, California (2015). She has spent the last thirty-five years as a professional artist, participating in many juried Shows in the U. S. and winning several awards. She has much of her artwork in private as well as corporate collections with several limited prints. Barbara has taken workshops with wildlife artist Greg Beecham, Chad Poppletion and Julie Chapman. She has been teaching at Paradise Art Center since 2005. Barbara says her love of nature and the western way of life will keep her drawing and painting as long as she can. Visit Barbara’s website at www.barbaraanneramsey.com


Vera Rodgers
Vera started drawing at age eight and has been continuing her art journey for seventy years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, and a Master’s Degree in Art Education from Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. Vera has taught elementary, secondary and college art for thirty years. Currently, she devotes her time to her own art and to holding workshops for adults in watercolor and colored pencil.She has worked in oils, watercolor, graphite, colored pencil and is currently learning the Renaissance art of silver, gold and metalpoint medium. Her favorite activity is creating pet portraits commissioned by people to memorialize their pets. Her paintings are in homes across the United States. Vera’s home is in Metropolis Illinois but she loves coming to Paradise to visit sister and friends, often spending winter and summer here. She is a member of the Paradise Art Center and is a member of The PAPA Gallery in Paducah, Kentucky, where her work is exhibited year round. The magic of seeing an image develop from a blank paper/canvas keeps her happy and eager to create the next one. Examples of Vera’s work can be viewed at www.verarodgers.com


Carole Sheller
Carole is a native Californian and a retired elementary school teacher. Art has been an integral part of her life, from winning art/poster contests in elementary school, to taking art classes throughout high school and college, followed by more classes in oil, tole, and water media from various teaching and working artists while living in the Los Angeles area and then teaching art to children in grades K-6. After retirement and moving north to Paradise, Carole discovered Paradise Art Center and Cathryn Hudin's clay classes as well as China painting with S. Thompson. Carole’s greatest interests are hand building with clay, making theme tiles for mosaics, cement and various related components of this media.


Jan Walker
Jan was born with a crayon in one hand and a book in the other.·She studied art, art history, and foreign languages at San Jose State, and says she has more unfinished graduate degrees than anyone on Earth. The first time she picked up a Chinese paintbrush in an Adult Education class in 1974 she was hooked, and has followed that brush around the world. Jan studied with master Chinese painters in San Jose and San Francisco, and spent four years studying Chinese brush painting and Chinese culture in Taiwan (Republic of China). She also enjoys acrylic painting, and is writing a historical fantasy novel set in ancient China.·Her writing is published under her pen name of· J L Walker in Parabola magazine and other journals specializing in ancient myth, symbolism and story.



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