Upcoming Workshops


Dianne Niger • Backgrounds and Negative Painting
Saturday, March 17,· 10 – 3:00 PM
Many people wonder what to do with the background of their paintings; this workshop will answer some of those questions. Participants will explore different ways to create textures and interest with the use of found objects, pouring, adding salt or tea spattering, and other techniques, and continue to improve on a poured background with some negative painting. Bring regular painting supplies and additional supplies will be supplied. This will be a fun day of experimentation; put on old clothes, bring a lunch and be ready to dive in.
$40.00 plus lab fee.
Sign-up at the Art Center or contact Dianne Niger at 520-510-6196


Rob Milberg • Free Lecture on Composition and Critique
Monday, March 26, 1pm-4pm
This lecture will be an enjoyable, light, and sometimes humorous visual presentation specific to composition of paintings. If you are not a painter, all the principles of design discussed still apply to sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, etc., so please join us. All principles of design will be discussed and shown in an easy to understand format. Examples of all types of paintings will be used to demonstrate the design principles. This lecture is for the beginner, the most seasoned painter, and everyone in between. Composition of paintings (what makes a painting great) will be discussed as well as some helpful thoughts on matting and framing. Questions will be welcome during the lecture. Typically the lecture takes about an hour and a half. For the remaining time, you are invited to bring one or two of your paintings (or other artwork) in for a critique on the composition. Rob Milberg is a professional designer and artist who taught in the art department of San Diego State for nearly twenty years. There is no charge for this workshop.


Cathy Hales • Alcohol Inks
Monday, April 23 and Monday April 30 1-4 pm.
Demonstrations will be given using different techniques on how to use Alcohol Inks on a variety of materials using a variety of tools. ·No previous experience is needed. Please bring some old soft paint brushes, a small empty spray bottle and a small pallet with wells.
Instructor fee $10.00, materials $5.00 each session (or bring your own). Lab fees apply.
Please sign up by April 19. Workshop limited to 10.
For more information or to sign up call Cathy at 873-0579 or email c.hales@comcast.net.


Walt Beeler • Practical Perspective for the Artist
Monday June 25, 1-4, 1-4 pm
This class will provide the participants with instruction in understanding and application of appropriate linear perspective methods to their various artistic compositions. This will include information related to a brief description of the types of perspective commonly used by the artist, a brief history of perspective in art, an indepth study of the linear perspective methods for representing solid angular, rectangular, and circular forms including one-point perspective and multiple point perspective. Please bring 12 - 18 inch ruler, pencils, erasers, paper or book for notes.
Fee: $10 plus lab fee. Includes materials.
Contact Walter Beeler walterbeeler@gmail.com, 530-487-1717


Paradise Art Center Classes
Times and days of all classes and workshops are subject to change.


Watercolor Exploration I - Instructor, Kathy Presentati
Mondays, 9 am-12 pm.
This class runs six to eight week sessions with a one week break between sessions. It is for those who want to expand basic watercolor techniques broken down in more detail. The class includes basic and some exploratory techniques with additional instruction as needed. Fee: $10 per class plus lab fee. The first class is free.
For more information: Kathy Presentati - 873-1009 -paradiseimp@sbcglobal.net


Acrylic Explorations - Instructor, Christie Beebe
Mondays, 1 - 4 p.m
Techniques, experimentation, creativity and fun! Traditional painting methods will be taught as well as more modern, experimental acrylic applications. Demonstrations on creating textures, drawing and resists techniques, pouring fluid acrylics, and making acrylic transfers. Lessons in composition, value, balance, harmony and color theory will also be taught.
Fees: $12 per session plus lab fee
For information contact Christie Beebe: 530-877-7629 / christeebb4@gmail.com or message her on Facebook.


• Pottery - Instructor, Cathryn Hudin
Mondays 2-5; 5:30-8:30 pm.
This class runs Jan. 15 - May 21. Students need to commit to the full class; this is not a drop in class. All types of clay working will be covered including glazing, Raku and high firing. Fees: $9 per class plus lab fee. Students buy their own supplies.
Please contact Cathryn Hudin, 530-534-8417 for available space.


• Chinese Brush Painting - Instructor, Jan Walker
Tuesdays 9am-12 pm.
Jan Walker has studied Chinese painting since 1974 and has exhibited internationally. She uses demonstration and individual one-on-one instruction to teach brush technique, color blending and composition along with traditional meanings in Chinese painting. Fee: $12 plus lab fee. For the first class, materials can be borrowed and no instructor fee is charges (lab fees apply).
Contact Jan Walker at 966-6280 for a list of supplies. Printable Flyer


• Drawing & Colored Pencil - Instructor, Barbara Ramsey
Tuesdays 1-4 pm.
For beginning to advanced artists. This class covers the basics of drawing in all drawing media. Instruction is given as needed. Fee: $10 per class plus lab fee. Contact Barbara Anne Ramsey - 872-2953 or barltd@comcast.net Printable Flyer


• Northern Plains Indian Art - Instructor, Edward Kicking Horse
Tuesdays and Wednesdays 5-7 pm
Learn traditional Plains Indian leather work and beading to create low or high-top moccasins, pouches, hand bags, with Edward Kicking Horse. Stories about the Indians and their designs enrich the class. We are planning a new lesson in wood carving of traditional "dance sticks" with carved, painted and beaded horse head, and we may make/paint our own drums. Materials needed: paper, pencils, and ledger book. Fee: $10 plus lab fee. Sign up at the Art Center or contact Edward Kicking Horse 876-1199 Printable Flyer


• Watercolor Exploration II - Instructor, Kathy Presentati
Wednesdays 9 am-12 pm.
Six to eight weeks with one week breaks between sessions. This class is for intermediate artists with some background in watercolor who want to expand their skills with new techniques and experimentation. This class will also explore some old and new experimental materials and techniques.
Fee: $10 per class plus lab fee. The first class is free.
Contact Kathy Presentati - 873-1009 - paradiseimp@sbcglobal.net


• Acrylic & Oil - Instructor, Barbara Ramsey
Thursdays 1-4 pm.
An ongoing class for all artists, beginners to advanced. Learn the basics of painting and have fun in the process! Fee: $10 per class plus lab fee.
Contact Barbara Anne Ramsey - 872-2953 or barltd@comcast.net Printable Flyer


• Acrylic and Watercolor Painting - Instructor, Erv Clark.
Thursdays, 6-9 pm
This class explores basic methods and materials invoved in the approach and process of the painting experience. Students will learn basic elements such as form/shape, line, texture, and color. Technial information will be provided as needed. Fee: $10 per session plus lab fee.
Contact Erv Clark 566-7713 / erv.clark.1@gmail.com


• Beginning Pottery - Instructor, Jeanne van Nostrand
Saturdays, 10am to 1pm -
Beginning class in throwing, trimming, glazing, and·hand building. Students need to purchase their own tools and clay. Everything needed will be·covered in the first class. Existing pottery students may use the class time as a studio provided wheels are available.
$12 per class members / $15 per class non-members.
Contact Jeanne van Nostrand gypsypotter@gmail.com or 408-313-1156


Studio Time - No Instruction - Lab Fees Only



• First Sunday Studio - Facilitators Susan Kincaid and Nancy Sowarby.
First Sunday of each month, 1-4 pm - Begins March 4, 2018
Bring in any unfinished paintings or begin a new one. The group will help you work through problems. Assorted art papers, collage materials, paints, etc. are available to borrow, but bring your own art supplies also. We will have art in action, making changes, and look forward to any suggestions from the group in attendance.Any medium welcome. Lab fees only.
For information, contact Susan Kincaid 976-9006 or Nancy Sowarby 873-8729.


• Ceramics / Sculpture Studio - Facilitator, Jeanne van Nostrand
Thursdays, 9 am-noon
There is no formal instruction for clay work; it's a great time to share tips and build with your clay. For more info contact Carole Sheller 877-9761 or Jeanne van Nostrand
408-313-1156 or gypsypotter@gmail.com


• Advanced Watercolor Studio - Facilitator, Cathy Hales
Thursdays, 9 am-noon

For average to experienced watercolor artists who are working toward perfecting their craft with their own chosen subject matter. We begin the day with a critique of paintings by the artists in attendance. Our members share new information or techniques with the group. Occasionally we have a guest artist come in to inspire us; class members pay this artist directly. If you feel that you would like some suggestions or guidance on your watercolors, or you would like to come and paint with other artists, please come and join us. Lab fees only.·
If interested, contact Cathy Hales, 873-0579 or c.hales@comcast.net



• Creative Watermedia Studio: Driven to Abstraction
- Facilitators Cindy Price and Caryl Quinones
Fridays, 9 am-noon.
Driven to abstraction! An experimental mixed-media class using acrylic as our base taught from a woman’s perspective. Challenge yourself by digging deep and breaking the rules to uncover the real artist within. Albert Einstein’s quote is the inspiration for this class: “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Usually every second week an instructor presents a project while the week in between is used to finish the work. For more information contact Caryl 864-4630 or Cindy 343-6165.



Open Studio
Wednesdays and Fridays, 1-4 pm
Do you hate to work alone? During Open Studio time, participants are free to come into the art center to work on their own in any media - pencil, watercolor, acrylics, oils, etc, and critique each other’s work when requested in an informal atmosphere of creative sharing.
Wednesdays, Facilitator: Michele Myers
Fridays, Facilitator:Sally Armstrong 327-8626 Printable Flyer


• Plein Air Outdoor Studio
Meets Tuesdays at 9am, unless otherwise stated, at various locations in Butte County.
For more information contact Rob Milberg: robertmilberg@comcast.net







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