Art Classes
at Paradise Art Center


Our Mission:
To engage, encourage, and enrich our community in the visual arts.

Classes at Paradise Art Center are centered around self-expression, creation of original work, and learning basic skills toward accomplishing eventual mastery of the many different media offered at the center. The conceptualization, visualization, and creation of art work from simple materials are fostered and encouraged by our teachers and facilitators.

Emphasis is placed on working directly with materials and encouraging the creative process, rather than relying on kits or pre-made, packaged supplies. Starting with a blank canvas, a piece of paper, or a bag of clay allows students the joy of discovering the full creative process and deepening their experience. This depth allows students a fuller understanding of their chosen medium, and opens up many possibilities for completion of their work.

Thus, the goal of the art center is to have our students learn the skills, techniques, and methods necessary to create unique pieces that will expand and enrich their lives and foster a greater appreciation of the visual arts.



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